Two Days in Asheville

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Last night was a lot of fun. I was tired because it had been a slow day at work and I was cooped up in a small office with two other guys at the help desk. I did get out of the office for an hour to go get my taxes done at the bank. When I got home from work, I found out some friends and I were going to Asheville for dinner.

We stopped at the mall on Tunnel Road and did some shopping, of which I’m normally not that big a fan. I went to the Game Stop and daydreamed about a PS3, then we all went over to Hot Topic. I got some cool pants and a necklace and Kylara picked out a cool Harry Potter shirt with the Griffindor logo on the pocket and a matching tie. I think Marq found some cool stuff he liked there, too. I don’t entirely remember if Ruff or Kendall got anything.

Olive Garden is an amazing restaurant, and when they aren’t swamped, provide amazing service. We got there around 8:15pm last night, were seated reasonably quickly, and then were offered wine and brought breadsticks and salad. I had forgotten, in the long time since I had last been to the OG, just how good their breadsticks were.

I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri and it was delicious! I had low blood sugar and was shaking when we came in because I hadn’t eaten in 8 hours. I almost felt full after a couple breadsticks, but I saved room for my Tour of Italy. It’s basically a sampler of fettuccine alfredo, chicken parmigiana, and lasagna. It was so much food – I was stuffed even though I shared half of it. Marq had some sort of chocolatey-kahlua type beverage that I tasted; it was amazing too. I was so very full when we left the OG that night.

Last stop before home was Books-a-Million, where I found a Slytherin neck tie to counter Kylara’s Griffindor shirt and tie. It was also green, which means I’m wearing it on St. Patrick’s Day. Ruff got a guitar magazine and a songbook with a lot of popular songs in it.

Tonight I’m headed back to Asheville after work to go to my friend Daniel’s birthday celebration. I know, I know, I’m a wild one – just too much partying and craziness. Just be glad I’m not still in school, because then it would all be on a school night too.

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