Freaking Friday, Finally

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My nearly complete lack of sleep has caused me to alliterate in my post title. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, as though you could ignore it. Mine went pretty alright, except for spending most of it at work.  I spent my lunch hour with  my valentine, which made the day a little less hard at work.

After work I came home, and I was hungry so I had some pizza rolls that did not agree with me at all. So here I am thinking, Oh no, I’ve got to go have dinner for Valentine’s and I probably won’t be able to hold anything down. So I go all MacGuyver on my digestive system and get some Snapple Diet Green Tea, a diet Sprite, and the remainder of a roll of Rolaids anti-acid I found in my room. I downed about 4 Rolaids and drank my green tea, then went to dinner and enjoyed some homemade lasagna my date made for me and some of her friends. I downed two more Rolaids, but I was hurting for a while.

Today’s Friday, and although I feel like a wreck from hanging out yesterday until early morning today, it’s not too bad. At least tomorrow I can sleep in some before things start happening around the house.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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