Rumors: Posh Spice May Have Had Liposuction

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poshspice.jpgI was reading on the internet today about how Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has appeared in several photos recently that have ignited rumors that she may have undergone the plastic surgery treatment known as liposuction. I know, a celebrity having liposuction – big surprise there.

But I’ll tell you what does surprise me. Posh Spice is a slender, attractive woman who shouldn’t have had any problems losing any extra weight through diet and exercise. Are celebs taking the shortcut because of their busy lives? Or did she feel like she needed a Tummy Tuck?

She’s married to David Beckham, famed soccer star, so you’d think he’d be even more likely to push for her to work it off instead. But in my mind, here’s what I really think happened: she’s actually just always skinny and her weight fluctuates like every other normal human being, so when she showed up skinny her publicist started spouting off rumors so she could get back in the lime-light again.

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  • Point Blank Critc

    That’s a pretty good guess. I’m sure getting back in the the public eye is important for her after noone cared about her reality show detailing her move to the States.

    She had to be used to being in the spotlight everywhere she went in England as a former pop star and being married to one of their most famous sports stars. Now she’s suddenly just another skinny blonde celebrity in America married to a guy that plays a sport most Americans don’t appreciate.

    That has to be a serious drop in attention. Nothing like a good rumor to get attention to a spike.

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