Keep It Green: Light Your Yard with Solar Power

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Yes, I am aware that during the daylight hours, everyone’s yard is lit by solar power. Unless you live in one of those parts of the planet where it’s night for months at a time. But what I’m talking about is enviro-friendly landscape lighting for your yard or property at night. I’ve written previously of the obvious energy efficiency benefits of using LED lighting.

Now, with LED lighting becoming more and more popular, the price has finally come to a point that makes solar landscape lighting for your yard at home or your business landscape an affordable reality. It also means that you’re doing your part to reduce the amount of energy you use and lightening your impact on the environment.

If you don’t already have outdoor lighting, try adding in a decorative tree, or lighting your walk way, or just place lights further out into your yard to increase safety and usability of your yard after dark.

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