A Terminal Case of the Mondays

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So yesterday, hanging out with friends and gaming lasted until about 11:30pm. Which is crazy, because we started around 4:30pm. That’s more time than I’ve ever wanted to spend in a library. That’s almost like a work day. But it sure was fun.

After the games, I stopped by and hung out with my friends Marq and Mia, and talked about some things going on with my gaming group. It’s always fun to hear other people’s perspectives on things like group dynamic and playing styles.  We also talked about the fun time we had the night before going to a club in Asheville.

That’s right, I had my first trip to a night club. I’m totally on a slippery slope to hell. Just kidding. I went and danced. I didn’t drink at all because I was driving (not to mention they charge too much at club bars), and I had a pretty good time. As things started to die down, several of me and my friends moved up to several of the elevated platform-stage things and danced up there, where we could look down over the whole dance floor.

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