If I Could Turn Back Time

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CherIf I could turn back time, I’d probably turn it back to this morning, when I was still in bed. Then I’d like to freeze it there, so I could enjoy my sleepy-time antics for a long, long time. But alas, I cannot – despite the musical pleadings of Cher.

Speaking of Cher – she’s rumored to be working on her twenty-sixth (26th) studio album. Holy cow! That’s a lot of albums. She’s apparently a very prolific artist. I almost feel bad I’m only faintly acquainted with a few of the more famous top hits that she put out.

Also neat – Cher is slated to replace Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace on a permanent basis, taking up a performance slot next to another prolific singer / actress, Bette Midler. If you have a trip to Vegas planned, make sure to grab Cher tickets at Ceasar’s Palace.

I am admittedly not usually one to yell “Hey, crank up the Cher!” at a party, but you have to give it to the woman – she’s ridiculously rich and good at what she does. I wish more people in the music industry would realize that it’s not just about having the musical talent, but you also have to have style and showmanship.

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