Entrepreneurs: Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

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Is your new business some sort of retail store? Do you interact with customers directly and in person? Or maybe you do online or mail-order sales and you need plastic bags for wrapping up goods to mail to customers?

Any dime-store marketing, small business, or entrepreneurship book will tell you that brand awareness is the easiest way to supplant your company’s name in the customer’s mind in the category of product you sell. People can often be trained like animals – repetition is key. Why not, then, plaster your name all over your shipping materials, your shopping bags, your box liners, and Retail Trade Show Bags?

International Plastics is a company that specializes in making custom-ordered polyethylene film and bags for various companies and manufacturers. They offer all you could need in plastic bags for your business.

Imagine a customer walking into your store, purchasing their items, and upon checking out their merchandise is placed in a specially created plastic shopping bag. Instead of looking small-time with a generic plastic bag, you could look like a much larger business by having your business name and logo imprinted on every bag.

Then imagine at the same time, somewhere online a customer is placing an order, and you’re going to pack their order in your own custom-logo plastic packing materials. That’s the kind of professionalism that brings customers back for repeat business.

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