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If you haven’t already, you should definitely point your browser over to Pandora, previously covered here. They’ve updated the interface, but the concept is still the same – you go create a radio station based on an artist or band you enjoy, or a song you really like. Then, they try to match that as closely as possible. You can fine tune your personalized station in two fairly easy ways:

1. Add more artists you like: If you like Gnarls Barkley, but you also want some girl rock in there, you might add artist Flyleaf to your station.

2. Vote on music you like or don’t like: Give it a thumbs up and the song will keep playing, and Pandora will learn what you like. Give it a thumbs down and the song stops playing and moves on to the next selection. Pandora also has options to turn on or off the songs flagged as possibly inappropriate or adult language or content.

You can also create more than one station, for free! Pandora is advertising supported, and run by the Music Genome project. If you find an indie artist you like, support them by following the links to buy the tracks on iTunes or Amazon, and you’ll also be supporting Pandora.

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