On Giants and Gentlemen

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Last Sunday, I had very low expectations out of the Super Bowl. I don’t really like the Patriots, nor do I hold any special place in my heart for the Giants. In fact, football really doesn’t hold a special place in my heart at all. I’m lucky I at least understand the rules enough to know what’s going on in the game. But I must say, the first two quarters weren’t that exciting – and then it all went crazy.

Sportsmanship used to mean something in America – but nowadays we just have spoiled brats in the NFL. Eli Manning, good job – one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time. But Pats – come on, just because you’re desperately clinging to a 1 touchdown lead does not mean you should drop all fair play and attempt to rip the ball from the precariously falling man’s arms, to his injury. He clearly had made the catch and was on his way to the ground to complete the play, but you had to go be a douche bag about it.

All that being said, where are the gentlemen in America? I know some guys who do everything they can to be gentlemen to any woman they encounter – not to be flirtatious or impressive, but because it’s the right thing to do. But what’s up with the rest of our half of the species, guys? The other day I opened the door and held it for a lady at the post office, and she patted me on the shoulder and said “Your mother raised you the correct way,” and I thanked her and said I’d be sure to mention it to her (here you go, Mom – I’m mentioning it here because I know you read this).

So what is it guys? Do you think chivalry is dead? I know some girls don’t prefer it, and that’s OK to let some things go if they are bothered by you holding doors. I know I forget sometimes, or sometimes positioning does not easily allow for it. But make the effort. Let’s honor the women in our lives, guys, in one way or another.

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