Holiday Alert: Valentine’s Day

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I know Valentine’s Day is not a minor holiday, and no one really gets off work for Valentine’s Day. But, being I’m a guy who is seeing someone now, I thought it’d be nice to remind my readers that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You still have 8 days to make arrangements or find something nice for someone special.

Now, I know my readers may have differing opinions on Valentine’s Day festivities and the silliness or respectable tradition of the whole fiasco, but a good portion of you will have reason to participate, even on a minimal scale.

That being said, don’t waste any time! Get your reservations, flowers sending scheduled, chocolates, and cards – all will be scarce in the next few days as countless couples make plans and get ready. On the bright side, as soon as the holiday is over, you immediately have National “That’s What She Said” Day on February 15th. So even if the 14th is Singles Awareness Day for you, you have something to look forward to, along with deeply-discounted Valentine’s Day candy at local grocers.

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