Bloggers Unite: Blogger’s Union on the Horizon?

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Slashdot covered an interesting article by the Columbia Journalism Review about the possibility of blog authors (or “Bloggers,” if you will) unionizing in light of the recent Hollywood screenwriter’s strike by the Writer’s Guild of America. There is a lot of debate but not a lot of legislation in congress right now about the rights of bloggers.

So, that being said, do you think there should be an association, guild, or even a union formed to protect bloggers? Do you consider blogging a legitimate form of journalism?

I think a union or guild of sorts for professional bloggers would be useful; We could standardize on things like a Blogger Code of Ethics. We could help other bloggers find work and experienced bloggers could help train young bloggers on the tricks of the trade. Unions aren’t just about striking for better treatment or standing up for rights, it’s also a place just for people of a trade to help each other. In this digital age, blogging is already become a real-life, living-earning trade.

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