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pigbank.jpgHey, we could all benefit from a little more wealth, right? If you’ve always wanted to get creative with your finances but weren’t really sure where to start, then check out CutThatBill.com. This blog is pretty nifty, with a good selection of posts about how to invest and build wealth.

As I read through the pages of this site, I was especially amazed at some of the ideas for saving money. For example, a lot of people I know hunt or go shooting rifles for target practice. Although you don’t get the weight or feel of the recoil out of it, the author suggests using an airsoft gun to improve on your aim. The reason for this is pretty simple: airsoft pellets are a heck of a lot cheaper than bullets.

The author calls himself a “millionaire next door,” because though he is financially well off, he doesn’t like to show it. Reading about this guy, it gives me hope that I could one day have a significant “nest egg” but remain pretty grounded and simple in my spending.

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