Well the Weather Outside is Frightful

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Not really. It’s actually pretty beautiful outside. All this snow all over the mountains and my yard this morning remind me of why I love to live in the mountains. It’s just so pretty outside. It sucks to drive in – not to mention all the cold weather preparations that have to be made in order to leave the house in the morning. Last night at about 1am when we finished watching “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” from Red Box, I went outside and saw about 3 inches of snow on top of my car.

So, I got all layered up and warm, borrowed my roommate’s gloves, and then went outside and brushed most of the snow off the car. Then, I used the plastic that used to cover my new mattress and foundation to cover my front and rear windshields. That ended up working pretty well, as this morning I just had to pull the plastic off and brush off a little snow from the side windows and I was able to leave.

The roads weren’t too bad this morning on my way into work. Mostly, the roads had been plowed earlier in the morning, and they salted the roads last night. My tires didn’t slip once on the way in to the office. Classes are canceled this morning and delayed the rest of the day.  Of course, they still need us – IT is considered “essential personnel” and has to be here if anyone is here, it seems.

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