Presidential Race 2008 Most Expensive Election Ever

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Presidential ElectionAccording to the AFP news wire, this year’s presidential election campaign will be the most expensive ever. Several financial magazines and political magazines estimate that the last election – most expensive for its time – was a whopping 693 million dollars. For that money, we saw a few political ads on TV, some signs in yards, and a nominal amount of press coverage.

This year, the estimated cost of the 2008 Presidential race is sitting at 3 billion dollars. Now, I’m not saying that anyone’s being bought or sold here – but I do believe there will be people to answer to after someone’s been elected.

When you go to the polls this year, think about who your candidate is going to have to answer to. Because in the end, money will win it. Are you supporting your candidate financially and not just at the polls?

If you haven’t been politically active before, maybe it’s time to start? Let the politician you support have  more of his supporters to answer to than PACs and lobbyists. It’s time for a change.

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