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Real Life - Greg’s Notes EditionComic author and artist Greg Dean’s web comic strip “Real Life Comics” is just that – a comical look at both real and some fictional aspects of his actual life. The characters are named after real people for the most part, and tell amusing anecdotes from Greg’s life. He is married to a woman named Liz, and since I’ve been reading have moved across the country several times.

They also have the Real Life Support Group, through which readers can donate and get cool digital gifts like Real Life Comics wallpaper. Every Christmas Greg and Liz send out Christmas cards to those who donate and even sell 10-packs of cards with a special Christmas design on them. I was not fortunate enough to be able to buy Greg’s first book, but he has a new book out now that is essentially the Cliff’s Notes guide to Real Life, a “best-of” if you will of the comic to date. It’s for sale now on the website and available through Lulu self-publishing.

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