Rock Band: Impressive & Innovative

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Rock Band video game coverJust a note, this is in no way a sponsored review. I was over at my friend Marq’s house on Friday night with a few other friends, and I finally got my hands on that Playstation 3 of his. We started out playing a game called “PAIN” that involves sling-shotting people through a city and into buildings and traffic.

Then, we got to the game I’ve been drooling to play – Rock Band. I started out on the drums, and even on easy, it was pretty hard for me. I got going and eventually got pretty decent on easy. I did one song on medium and was okay at it. I don’t think I got to play the drums the rest of the night.

I was already experienced at the guitar from Guitar Hero I – III and Guitar Hero 80’s version. I’d also done some Sing Star and American Idol: Karaoke Revolution so the singing in front of my friend part wasn’t too bad. Overall, it was a really awesome game.

We convinced Marq to download “Jukebox Hero” from the Playstation Store online, and then jammed out to that. The game has excellent song selection, a familiar feel to previous games, but manages synergy between all the instruments in a very excellent way.

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