Disney DVD: Better Upconversion than Most?

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A few months back, I ditched my old Magnavox Divx-playing DVD player for a Phillips one that has HDMI output and also plays DivX movies. It was about $60 at Wal-mart and does 1080i up conversion on non-HD DVDs. It also doesn’t play HD movies, but it does make my current DVD collection look awesome on my HDTV.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: Do Disney movies up convert better than other studios? Tonight I’m watching  Meet the Robinsons, and I noticed something. Maybe it’s because the movie is done in 3d computer animation and the pixels extrapolate well. But I have definitely noticed a difference between my other DVDs and the ones from Disney. That excites me, because Disney is signed on with Blu-Ray and I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of player I’m going to get when I can afford it.

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