This Made Me Chuckle, And TV’s Back, Sort Of

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This morning I came in to the office, and after checking work e-mail I pulled up my personal G-mail account and this is what I saw:

Balls of Fury

So, yeah – that made me laugh. I’ve just recently started using Netflix – I’m a little concerned they only said they received one movie back, but hopefully later in the day they’ll say they’ve received the other. I really enjoy using these online rental services – sometimes I just can’t justify it in my budget. Netflix, however, does have the cool online “Watch Instantly” feature. With my two-at-a-time plan, I get unlimited instant watching time.

Which incidentally, means I’ve been watching most of season 1 of 30 Rock online. Last night I think I may have watched 30 Rock for the first time on an actual TV while it was happening, and not just DVR’d for later. Also, My Name is Earl was back on with a new episode. I was getting kind of bored with that show, but they made Earl have a crisis of his faith in karma. I won’t ruin the end for you in case you have it DVR’d and haven’t watched it yet, but it has a pretty twisted ending.

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