Classes Resume Next Week!

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At the particular university I work at in the UNC school system, classes resume on Monday. We’re going to have our hands full with new arrivals and returning students who have, over the course of a month, forgotten every password and login they know.

Of course that means they’ll be calling us or visiting our walk-up counter for assistance, and we’ll be busy as can be. I’m not sad about this, it makes the day seem shorter and more interesting.

But it also probably means that this blog may be slow to update during the day, so just hang with me and I’ll have good stuff out throughout the day.  There’s also some interesting news about trying to outsource our support for one of the campus systems that should eventually eliminate a significant portion of our phone calls. They supposedly will be taking over 24 hours / 7 days a week support for this system that powers our online classes. We test called them today, and they didn’t do well, so we’re re-evaluating our options. Next week will be oh so much fun.

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