Post-Holiday Fat: Lose that Santa Belly

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Weight Loss HQ has an article on how to lose belly fat that got me thinking: I have a belly that’s not small. I’m not morbid, but I am not exactly anorexic. So how do you get rid of the damage your body took from all those pies, cookies, cakes, and truffles you had over the holiday season? It’s pretty straight forward: diet and exercise. There’s no special pill, no “tricks” or products you especially have to buy that will work a miracle on your tummy.

Your body stores fat because you take in more calories than you use. So the simple explanation is to use up the extra calories with some sort of aerobic exercise, like walking or biking or swimming. This also needs to be supplemented by a healthy diet, around 30% fats and 1/3 of that being saturated fats. There are lots of Weight Loss Plans out there. Pick one that works for you, but always remember no plan is going to be complete if it does not incorporate eating right and exercising your body.

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