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Pasword StudioPersonally, I don’t password-protect any of my office files. But it’s come to my attention that some of you do. And as with any password-protected file, there will always be some instance where you’ll forget what that password is, and will need to retrieve it.

I know, I know, you’re thinking Dave, if the password can be broken, then why would I password protect it to start with? That’s why I recommend you always couple good security practices with mechanisms like Office passwords, so that not only is your file hard to open, it’s hard to get at to begin with.

Visit and purchase your copy of Password-Studio, which has the ability to recover passwords or open files from any of the Microsoft Office Suite programs. One of the most common needs I hear about is Excel password recovery. If you’re one of the people who needs or is required to password protect your Office documents, you’ll want to invest in a good password recovery solution. Right now, Password Studio is on sale for $50 off (making it $16.95, I believe) according to their site, until midnight tonight.

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