Trade Your Used Video Games Without the Gamestop Tax

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The video game industry has some of the smallest profit margins on earth. Unless you’re a game store retailer who also deals in trading in used games. If you’ve ever been to a Gamestop or an EB Games and tried to trade in your old games, they’ll buy them from you for $3 – $5 if you’re lucky. Then, you’ll come in later to spend your store credit (because they’ll give you less if you demand cash right then and there) and see your game for sale around $12-$17 if it’s any good. Good gracious! 75 percent of that is pure profit! And they do this every day!

Stop getting the shaft, and start getting the value out of your used games. lets gamers trade their games with other gamers on the site, and lets you get in on the video game trades action without giving up any of your games first. You own all the games you receive – there’s no late fees or return mailers to keep track of like with online game rental companies. Best of all, you don’t lose the value you would with a store trade-in. Their website claims you’ll get full market value for your trade. Go ahead and sign up for free and check it out for yourself.

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