Never Let Tracy Morgan Into Your Home

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I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Tracy Morgan behave as though he has his sanity. I know he’s just an actor. I know he’s a very funny man. But I would not let him near my kids. You know, if I had kids. Still, don’t let him into your home. There is no telling what he’s going to do.  I’ve been watching him on 30 Rock on my “Watch Instantly” thing on Netflix, and he’s hilarious.

One of the episodes he spends trying to convince Tina Fey (insert wolf whistle here) that he is completely illiterate. She tries to trick him into giving himself up by printing up a flyer that advertises the show they work for, but the words on the flyer say something embarrassing about Tracy. He agrees to let her have them printed up and posted all over the city.  She catches him reading a tabloid in the elevator and figures out he can read. To catch him in the act, she puts up a sign on a room door that says “Hot Lesbian Auditions,” which he of course comes in and says “Where are all the hot lesbians?” and then explains he really can read.

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