I am Pregnant (With Thoughts)

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There are a lot of things on my mind these days. My priorities seem to shift throughout the day. My hot water pipe seems to have frozen entirely so that no hot water passes through my house. I fear that until the weather warms up it may not unfreeze. I left water running slightly, but that barely seems to help any – when water passes through it’s still not heated. Last night I heated water in a big pot on the stove and then took that water in a stoneware bowl to the bathroom to bathe myself, then rinsed off with the remainder of the water. I haven’t called the landlord yet, but I’m not sure what good that will do.

Returning to work has only reminded me of the frustrations I left behind when I went on vacation, but it was nice to forget them for a while. Now that we’re back at work, it’s still pretty slow. The students at the university I work for haven’t returned yet and won’t for at least another week. Most of our calls have been from concerned new students wanting to know this or that to get ready for move-in.

Sorry, I know these thoughts are scattered. That’s how my brain feels this morning, even though I’ve had adequate sleep and I’m on my third diet soda of the morning.

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