Get Off Your Butt and Go Outside!

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Yes, I know it’s ridiculously cold outside where some of you live. It’s 19 degrees outside right now where I live. Plus, it’s a week day, so you’re probably at work. But guess what lazies? Tomorrow is Saturday. That means you can go outside then.

We forget a lot in the winter time to actually go out and stay active, because it’s cold and we’d rather be warm inside watching TV. Lots of intelligent people go outside in the winter time and go hiking, hunting, taking photographs, and some even will go camping in this weather!

If you’re like me, you probably don’t have any good Hiking Boots or Hunting boots for enjoying the outdoors right now. I probably used to have some, but over the years have cultivated routine hibernation during the winter and lost track of said footwear.

You should check out’s selection of outdoor footwear. They have some deals there, and every order over $100 (which is easy to do with footwear) receive free shipping. If you’re giving the gift of footwear but don’t know someone’s sizes, they also have gift certificates available. They seem to carry most of the major brands you would look for, and they apparently have excellent customer service.

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