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So along your entrepreneurial path, you’ve decided to go into retail, which means you’ll be bearing the burden of inventory. Most people think of the risk involved in holding inventory is based on whether or not the item sells. Too often, security ends up being more of an afterthought. When you start losing inventory to shrinkage (read: stealing) if you open a brick-and-mortar store, or miscounting or underpricing, that money comes out of your or your business’ pocket.

Start tracking your inventory today with bar code label printers and bar code scanners. If you need a POS (point-of-sale) system, consider getting your bar code equipment and a touch-screen POS from IT Planet. They also sell a wide variety of security systems and inventory management equipment, as well as video surveillance. You’ll want to use the bar code equipment to do regular (say, monthly) inventory counts, and compare them with your sales records to make sure you are accurately recording your sales transactions. You’ll also want to do inventory counts when you receive new shipments of inventory, to verify you were sent the amount of product you ordered, and immediately bar code label those items. That way your inventory is less of a burden and can work for you to earn profits!

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