Update: Mom’s Doing OK After Gastric Bypass

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I mentioned a week or so ago that my mom had gastric bypass surgery, sometimes called “lap band” surgery, where they put a band around your stomach to make it smaller, then close off the rest of your stomach and remove some of your intestine and reattach another portion to the smaller stomach.

It means that now she can’t eat much of anything, and has already lost about 30 pounds since the surgery, and I think maybe 40 pounds since last fall? I’m bad at keeping track. Anyway, since I saw her last at Thanksgiving she already looks like she’s lost a considerable amount of weight. She tried to cheat and have eggs a day earlier than she should have, and she got really sick last Sunday.

I took a baked potato away from her after she said she was full, because she was going to keep eating on it just because it was there and she hates to waste food. I made sure she was full, because I didn’t want her to get sick to her stomach but I didn’t want to starve her either. Other than that, she seems to be doing fine and is already off a couple medications.

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