Five Hour Drives

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Tomorrow evening after work, I have a five hour drive most of the way across North Carolina to go home to see my parents and family for the holidays. I have a whole week off work, which is nice. I just wish I could instantly teleport there. That’d be nice. Santa, as a Christmas gift this year, eliminate the 5 hour drive to my parents and make it instantaneous travel. I’ve been sort of good. Right?

That long of a drive really wears on your body. It makes my back tense up, and makes for uncomfortable sleep afterwards. I usually hook up the iPod to the car stereo and play my iTunes collection while I drive, and jam out the whole way home. It’s nice, but I like driving at night even less than the five-hour part. People are all going to be trying to get somewhere, and I hope the traffic isn’t bad. I’ll get home around 10 – 11:30 pm, depending on weather and traffic.

It’ll be nice to get to bed and sleep in Saturday morning, and know that I’ve got a whole week away from this place and this desk and the people who call the help desk for support. That’s one of the best gifts I could get for Christmas from the state. Happy Holidays everybody!

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