Resident Evil: Degeneration

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So the next movie in the line of “Resident Evil” films is going to be called “Resident Evil: Degeneration” and is going to be entirely done in CG. Fans of the video game will delight in seeing characters more closely resemble the in-game characters, rather than trying to find actors that are similar looking.

A funny thing happened while I was queuing up the trailer for the movie – apparently yesterday I had started my iTunes playing in “Party Shuffle,” and since I have a pretty big music collection, it was still playing today. I had turned down the speakers to faux-mute while I talked to someone on the phone, and had forgotten to turn it back up. Today, I went to go watch the trailer and as I turned up the speakers to hear it, I thought Capcom had developed a sense of humor because the song that was playing in the background was Queen singing “Another One Bites the Dust” live. It timed so perfectly with the trailer and even ended when the trailer did, with just the audience screaming at the end, that I thought it was part of the trailer.

I closed the Firefox tab and figures out what had happened. But man, that would have made a perfect music bed for that trailer! People getting shot at, zombies biting cops, and a plane crashing through a window at an airport – another one bites the dust. The song just has the right rhythm for the editing cuts they made for this trailer. If you don’t believe me, start them both at the same time and see it for yourself.

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