Christmas Countdown: 6 Days Left

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Alright now, if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, now is the time to do it! Stores, believe it or not, are now catering to last minute shoppers as much as if not more than early shoppers! They don’t want the sale merchandise left over after the holidays to have to repack or re-inventory, so they’re dropping prices or in some cases bringing in more inventory of things that have been out of stock recently.

Corporate America pays attention to at least one thing: money. And the majority of holiday dollars are being spent in the last days before Christmas, so that’s where they want to move the most product. If the store was out of something you wanted last week – go back today and check again. Ask a clerk if they’re going to get any more in for last minute shoppers, and try and weasel the delivery date out of him.

Check your sales circular the next couple of days and look for items on deep discount, in case you forgot someone or even start thinking about next year’s presents. With all this in mind, check again in the day or two after Christmas for even more bargains. Most people know that already, but I thought I’d remind you about post-holiday sales of gift wrap, gift boxes, candy specially labeled in Christmas packaging, and more that the store wants to clear out.

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