Nix that Expensive Car Loan

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Today’s economy boggles my mind. We are simultaneously one of the largest countries in the world and simultaneously the national deficit is probably one of the largest. What are we at now? A couple trillion in debt? Most of that seems to come from effective management and leverage of our debt. I think we probably provide a certain amount of aid and sharing of information to all those countries we owe.

Let’s take one from our nation’s play book and start managing our own debt more effectively. You could even start with taking a look at Refinance Car Loans from RateGenius. They apparently have a proprietary electronic document system that lets you quickly and efficiently calculate and apply for a loan to refinance your existing car financing. The whole system relies on a huge network of lending institutions that offer various payment terms, rates, and amounts for what best fits your needs.

You might even be able to lower your monthly payments and / or pay less interest for just a little bit of work, with the money you save making it that much more worthwhile.

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