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The old tinsel town scenario had all the young starlets getting the Beverly Hills Breast Implant treatment at a Los Angeles plastic surgery location. It quickly became the trend that every woman you saw in California was an actress or an actress wannabe.

Because of the rising popularity of the glitterati and their entourages obtaining cosmetic surgery, we began to see more and more of the general public getting breast enhancements or botox or liposuctions. Pretty soon, every beautiful woman you saw would make you question whether or not they were artificially enhanced. This was not necessarily a bad thing. Strangely enough, it wasn’t just the women, either. Men are starting to get cosmetic surgery now, too. Everyone wants to look younger, healthier, and more attractive. You too, can have your own work done by a real California cosmetic surgeon, if you so choose.

One aspect of cosmetic surgery a lot of people don’t always think about is cosmetic surgery for gastric bypass patients. I have a friend whose mother just had gastric bypass a few months back, and because of the weight loss she’s electing to have cosmetic surgery to tighten the stretched skin. Incidentally, because of her new skinnier look, she’s also electing to have breast implants because now she has a different ratio in her body shape.

My mom just had the gastric bypass surgery last week, and she’s doing better already. I don’t know that she’ll elect to have cosmetic surgery but I would certainly support her either way. I know she’s excited about losing extra weight quickly. As of her last e-mail, she has already lost ten pounds! I’m excited to see how much weight she’s lost when I go home for Christmas. Since my friend told me about the GB patients getting cosmetic surgery, I’ve been thinking about mentioning it to her. I don’t know if she will need it or not. From the description of how much weight others have lost though, I imagine she will at least consider it.

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