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If you’ve purchased one of Amazon’s new Kindle e-Book readers, you’re probably looking in places other than just Amazon for e-Books for your new device. Or maybe you’ve got a nifty new PDA or smart phone for Christmas this year, and you’ll need some place to stock up on reading material. You could go scour the internet and look for free or public domain books, but what fun is that? is a huge e-tailer of e-books: they believe in offering the biggest selection of titles and competitive pricing. BOB carries all sorts of formats of e-Books, so if you’ve got a different e-Book reader, no worries! They carry PDF files, Mobipocket, Microsoft reader, and Palm / e-reader format files. You’ll find over 190,000 e-Books from major publishers as well as small publishers. Guys might find their favorite horror authors and the ladies might find some Romance Authors that they like. Check it out, and save some trees by reading e-Books!

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