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We’re back in Asheville on Day Two of the UNC CAUSE conference. We arrived late because there was pretty much zero parking available. We “invented” a space out of a partial space near a grassy median and the median itself. Good thing we were in the state-owned mini-van when we did that.

Morning breakfast was sponsored by Varrow, they had Starbucks coffee and various bottled water and soda beverages, along with eggs and some other stuff, from what I could tell of the leftovers. Since we were late, we missed our school’s presentation on adopting Windows Live for student mail.

The session I’m about to sit through is called “Resolving Issues in Student-Generated Web Projects” – teachers are using web pages to replace term papers. The sentiment seems to be that students are dumb and have no literacy skills, so rather than teachers drudging through stacks of useless papers, they can at least put their research skills to use in putting together a web site. So encouraging for the students, I bet.

Incidentally, this particular session is put on by three people from the university I work at.

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