Mac Mini Upgrade

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I have ordered two 1gb sticks of memory for my Mac Mini, to bring it up to 2gb. They arrived today! I was pleasantly surprised and headed over to Lowe’s to get a couple putty knives and then came home and cracked open the little sucker.

I pulled off the case, painstakingly enough, and then had to promptly go consult an online guide, because I forgot what to do next. I pulled off the optical drive and the hard drive, disconnected the wireless antenna, and then was able to see the ram chips.

They had clips on them very similar to the laptops I used to work on. They came out fairly easily, and I replaced them with the chips I just ordered from Crucial. Unfortunately, when I rebooted, only 1gb was recognized. I reseated the ram a couple of times, and swapped slots, it was the same slot every time. I put the original ram back in and it worked. The only thing I can figure is there is some sort of minuscule size difference between the two that is keeping the contacts from connecting.

I will call Crucial tomorrow and try and see if they have a solution. I’d hate to think I’d have to send the memory back or only order the memory from Apple directly. But for now, I’ve at least doubled the memory in my Mac Mini.

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