Drugs are Bad, mmKay?

 In Err.

Seriously, how many more people have to get hurt before we increase the standard on foods, drugs, and equipment approval for public safety? Remember that ab belt that shocked you repeatedly to help you lose weight? People got sued over that. Remember phen-phen? People got sued over that. Remember McDonald’s Hot Coffee? That woman was stupid, but people got sued over that.

It’s one thing that people are litigious, it’s another that we should be able to trust reasonable sounding doctor-approved and prescribed treatments for our illnesses.

There was a patch they made called the Kugel Hernia Mesh that was used during hernia operations to help and to reduce post-op complications. Unfortunately, these meshes had a “memory recoil ring” that could break under pressure and cause perforation in the bowels or unusual connections between the bowels and other organs, and continue to migrate and cause more damage. Apparently the problem is when excess pressure is placed on the intra-abdominal area, the spring that’s supposed to allow the patch to be inserted and then opened once inside breaks.

I realize the people who made this weren’t trying to hurt people, but seriously, if you’re in charge of making stuff that goes in people, maybe you should stress test it so you know it’s exact breaking points. I’m just sayin’.

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