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Many of you may already be aware of the feature to chat instantly with any of your friends who are online through Google Talk or the G-mail website. Today, along with colored labels, Google added the ability to sign into AOL Instant Messenger through the G-mail chat sidebar in the G-mail web interface.

To login to AIM, simply login to G-mail, then on the left-hand side of the screen find your contacts. At the bottom, select “Options.” Now select “Sign on to AIM.” Put in your screen name and password and you should get a message notifying you that “All [number of AIM buddies you have] have been added to your contacts,” and they will show up on the left for you to chat with if they’re online.

Chat still functions pretty much the same, you’ll have to stay on the G-mail page and signed in to continue chatting with your AIM friends.

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