My First eBay Sale!

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Congratulations go to big_man_69, who recently purchased one of the Sony PSPs I’m selling on eBay. There are still 9 left of the old 3.52 version, and I have 20 of the new Slim & Lite version of the PSP in Rose and Lavender colors. These are, of course, the Japanese models, because you can’t get those colors here in the USA.

They have 4 gig memory cards with them that have 5-10 games pre-installed on the memory card, screen protectors, cloth, carry case, ear phones, and more!

I’m also selling Beer Box Cowboy Hats on Amazon, so far I’ve sold two of those. They only come in Coors brands and Milwaukee’s best, but hopefully I’ll sell more and make more money. It’s nice when people pay for stuff on eBay with PayPal, when you’re the seller, because I can instantly fulfill orders when I receive the PayPal payment. I still hate PayPal (bad previous experiences) but right now they’re doing alright by me. This time around I’m taking screenshots of every transaction I make so they can’t rob me a penny without some real explanation.

It’s not easy, but if I can get good at this and do a lot of sales volume, I’ll make a much more substantial side income from doing this stuff. Wish me luck!

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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