Sweeny Todd

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Has anyone seen the preview for the Sweeny Todd movie with Johnny Depp in it? It looks pretty darn spiffy. I haven’t been a huge fan of anything of Johnny Depp’s other than the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy and Corpse Bride. Anytime he’s teamed up with Tim Burton I think I’m going to hop on board the bandwagon and say “Let’s go see that in theaters.”

I’ve not seen the musical this movie is based on, but the trailer presents an enjoyable Christmas antihero: a demon barber who kills people for revenge. It’s got the usual dark but playful themes you’d expect from a Tim Burton film. However, this will be my first time hearing Depp sing for very long at all, and I am willing to bet if they thought it was worth putting out, he’s probably a decent singer.

Time will tell, but I’m looking forward to this one.

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