I Need More Sleep

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The only reason I wake up on time most mornings is that I can somehow keep a running total of what time it is based on my last “Snooze” button whack. The alarm goes off every morning at 6:42 am. Because the “snooze” button goes off in 9 minute intervals, I know I can hit the snooze at least three times before I should get up. That puts me up at 7:09 am. If I really, really need to (you know you all have mornings like this) I can hit it one more time, and get up around 7:18 am.

Last time I went in for a check-up, I described my always-tiredness to the doc, and he said I might have sleep apnea (because I snore and sometimes wake up short of breath). I need to setup some sort of sleep study with them, so they can tell for sure if I have sleep apnea. My mom has it, and apparently it means you wake up many times during the night due to shortness of breath. The doc said that has been known to be linked to diabetes, heart problems, depression, and other issues.

So, if I go back and get this sleep study, I’ll probably wind up with one of those Darth Vader oxygen masks, and the inability to sleep near another person forever.  But gosh darn it, I’ll be well-rested.

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