Be Prepared… For Zombies

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That’s right. It could happen one day. The way we play around with science and nature so casually. We’re eventually going to make zombies. And when that happens, you better believe the currency system is going to straight nose-dive into the ground. You may have thousands or millions of dollars locked away in an off-shore account in the Cayman Islands, but what good will that do you when all the ATM machines are down and all the computers have crashed?

You’ll need a survival kit, a shelter, and some sort of non-currency-based nest egg. Oh, and a shot gun. For the zombies. And maybe that nagging mother-in-law. “Oops, sorry, you looked so dead inside I thought you were a zombie!”

For your survival kit, you’ll want plenty of non-perishable (and nutritious) foods, water (some purified bottled, some stored tap water), flashlights, plenty of batteries or a generator that runs on fuel, antibiotics, medication, bandages and other first aid supplies, a good knife, binoculars, blankets, soap, towels, deodorant, and rubbing alcohol.

For a shelter, you may be able to use an existing structure, such as an abandoned grocery store, or an office building with multiple stories (zombies don’t like to climb, and can be easily fended off if they get bottlenecked in the stair well). If most structures are overrun with zombies, don’t go to a church thinking they won’t go in there. Zombies are agnostic, and may come in just because they’re curious. Try to go to a library, or to a place where they play Britney Spears – two places people won’t go whether they’re alive or dead. If you choose the latter, try and bring ear plugs. Also, keep in mind the zombies may rip off their own ears from the torture, and then come in after you.

Finally, a non-currency-based nest egg. You may want to put your savings or current emergency fund into silver or gold bullion. Monex Deposit Company is a good company to look to for purchasing precious metals as an investment. You can get silver as either a coin or in ingot form, usually pure bullion in a convenient size or shape. They also let you either have it shipped to your personally or to a bank or safety deposit location, though you’ll have a harder time claiming it when the Apocalypse comes. Prices are only going to go up as the Apocalypse draws nigh, so there’s no time like today to put away for a Zombie Day.

“Water’s wet. Sky’s blue. And ol’ Satan Claws, Jimmy, he’s out there. And he’s only gettin’ stronger.”
“Oh yeah? So what do we do about that?”
“Be prepared, son. That’s my motto. Be prepared.” – The Last Boy Scout

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