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You know you missed me! I’ve been busy lately, what with playing my used copies of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II on my Playstation 2, going to Halloween parties, trying to get my self-employment gig started back up again, and evil diabolical plans and all.

My new business is called “The Raging Tech,” – no, I don’t have a cool story about the name, I just liked it. Plus, I already owned the internet domain name. You can view the website for my business at (you wondered why this site was at didn’t you?). Go there and check out what I do, and then call me if you need my services!

Speaking of which, I hooked up with Google Grand Central, which gives me a free business phone number that’s local, and lets people call me and I can forward that call to any phone based on who it is and whatever schedule I set up. It also puts my Google number on my caller ID when someone calls, and when I answer it tells me who it is verbally before I decide to answer or send it to voice mail. I can check my voice mail online or by calling my number from my cell phone. So far, so good. The site is in beta and invite-only, much like G-Mail was – I’m hoping it will still be free or ad-supported when it goes live.

Also, if anyone who reads this needs a website, you should sign-up at Dreamhost by going through the link on my website, it gets me a referral that is enough to pay for this website to stay up. You can get a year of hosting for $75 using code “RTECHDISCOUNT” or “RTECH75BUCKS” (sign up for the 1 year at a time plan, reg. $119.99). You get tons of features and space.

Eh, that’s all for now. No witty conclusions today, I’m fresh out. We should have a delivery on Thursday though. Check back then.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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