Five Months Off: Too Long?

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So it’s been five months since I’ve written *anything* just for the joy of writing. I think maybe life’s been too crazy for me to feel motivated to blog. My blog isn’t a catharsis for me, really. I don’t miss it when I’m not blogging. And I doubt anyone else does, either.

What I really want to do is either start telling a story with it, or figuring out a way to blog my daily life a little bit more interestingly.

A *very* brief update: since my last blog back in February, I’ve had and lost a girlfriend, got hired on full-time by the IT Services Help Desk, been to Hilton Head Island (maybe some pics soon?), some of my friends have gotten married or will be married very soon, I got a new big-screen TV, Andy moved out, Barry moved in (finally) and I’m going home to see my folks and attend a family reunion this weekend.

That’s about it. Here’s to not waiting another five months to update again. Cheers.

Update: It would seem I was wrong. I had a post I had written about two months ago, but saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. So, here goes not one, but TWO updates! woo hoo! Oh, and I’ve since gotten my Microsoft Certification.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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