I gotsa Car!

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I got a different car.

A 2000 Acura TL. V6, 24-Valve 3.2 Liter engine, dual wishbone suspension, leather heated seats, huge trunk (could fit like 5 bodies in there), 4-door, spacious, auto-dimmer on the rearview for when people’s headlights get too bright, digital thermostat (set the temp and it adjusts to that temp automatically), bose sound system, cruise control, power steering, power locks/doors/windows, 8-way power driver’s seat, 4-way power passenger seat, air vents in the back of the center console for the rear passengers, halogen headlamps, alloy rims, two keyless remote entry keychains, a valet key, volume controls on the steering wheel, sunroof with windguard, spoiler.

Oh, and it does 0-60mph in 7.2 seconds (verified).

Go ahead, change your pants, I’ll wait.

(Pictures to come later, hopefully today.)


My Car
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