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I wrote a song parody. You’ll like it. But you’ll have to read it. You might not even understand it, unless you’re a fan of a certain Mr. Ludacris and have seen the Travelocity Gnome.

*Gnome* (written by Dave Myers)

Gnoooooooome (Gnome)
Youza Gnoooooome (Gnome)
Youza Gnoooooome (Gnome)
I said that youza Gnoooome (Gnome)
(Repeat 1x)
You doin Gnome activities
With Gnome tendencies
Gnomes are your friends, gnomes are your enemies
With Gnome energy to do whatcha do
Grew whatcha grew
Stew whatcha stew
Y’all all short like the travelocity guy, flyin wholesale
Bookin people left and right at five-star hotels
Gnome tell everybody, cuz gnome’s a true playa
Look for him down low in the Gnome-zone layer
Come on playa once a Gnome always
Travelocity never close, it’s open er’yday
And here’s a gnome hat for your whole gnome crew
And everybody wants one cuz Gnomes are too cool
(Chorus x2)
Can’t turn a Gnome into a house pet
Gnomes don’t want that
There’s Gnomes on a lawn, Gnomes that are fat
Hey Gnome, how ya doin where ya been?
Prolly doin Gnome stuff, cuz there you Gnome again
It’s a Small, Small World that we livin in
Forrestry, Woodland, Magical, Gnomin’
Not all, just some
You Gnome who you are
There’s Gnomes on the lawn, Gnomes on my car
There’s Gnomes on TV, Gnomes not so large
Gnomes by near, and Gnomes by far
Gnomes! (Oh my dear goodness, I need a ride)
NO! (Oh, why the devil not?)
Cuz youza
(chorus 2x)

You gotta run to catcha Gnome
Even Snow White knows
That you’re livin real small like Cheerios
You Gnomes are short, if it matters
On your taxes you write off step-ladders
I see the Gnomes risin’
It ain’t suprisin
It’s just a Gnome place
With a merry red face
But Gnome’s don’t be sad or blue
Most of us wish we could be Gnomes, too.

Mother*$@#@, Gnomes are the $*@*!$ and you know it,
ya’ll always talkin about Gnomes this and Gnomes that, you
the $@#@!$ Gnome, @!#! I wasn’t no Gnome when I was bookin yo
flight to Canada last week, was I?

Gnome, get me my plane tickets!

Yes Sir.

Hi, I'm Zöe. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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