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“Whoever said ‘You can sleep when you’re dead,’ hasn’t met me.” –Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been feeling a little like my low-fuel light has been on the last few days. I took a nap after work yesterday before our staff meeting, and that seemed to be enough to carry me through the evening.

I don’t know why I haven’t been sleeping well, or why it is that when I get home late at night, I only want to stay up late for a few more hours. And then I hate myself in the morning for it.Darius McCrary

On my laptop computer, I have quite a few episodes of the only season of a show that was on NBC a while back called Committed. On the particular episode I was watching last night, Bowie (played by Family Matters‘ Darius McCrary) was apparently in a relationship with a woman soley because her bed was “like sleeping in a fresh warm biscuit.”

The only problem was, she had an annoying habit of saying “Oh, and P.S.” after everything she said, but never actually “signed the letter” and shutup. Bowie then had the dilemma of choosing between the nice bed and some of the best sleep he’s ever had – or his sanity.

It’s just a show; but I believe Committed has a point here: Sleep is IMPORTANT. There are times when sleep seemingly would Buy Gold Bars, or food, or… well, you get the point.

I miss my bed right now. Too bad Blockbuster hasn’t gotten me that cot I requested.

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  • Me

    Great hint. Cheers!!

  • Josh

    Thanks for this; exactly what I was looking for. The error message really should tell you to do this!

  • Knot

    Thanks a lot!

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