Get Back Up Again

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WHAM. When you get hit by paintball guns (not that I have), I’ve been told it hurts a lot, depending on where it hits you.

Life does that sometimes. The number one leading cause of death, is life. While a lot of things in life hurt a lot, like a paintball, most of them won’t kill you.

So do you sit around and go “Oh, poor me, my life sucks, why is Life picking on me? What did I do wrong?,” you can pick yourself up again, shake the dust off yourself, and keep walking.

God does this for me, among many other things He’s done for me. When I’m lying in the dirt, sometimes on my back, sometimes face down, He picks me up, sets my feet back on solid ground, shakes the dust off me, and tells me to get back into the fight.

An update on my payroll situation: the check did come today. Now here’s the even greater part — I was praying last week about God’s provision, and I realized I always pray for God’s provision, but never specifically.

So last week, I prayed “God, I need your help. I need $375.” Today, my retro’d payroll check was $379. Praise God, He is good, and then some.

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