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Last night, after two days of playing detective with payroll, I finally got two phone numbers. One was Barry, the HR director of the entire North East region of the United States for Blockbuster. The other was Debbie, who was apparently just the regional assistant director.

I always thought it’d be best to call the head man in charge, so I called Barry. Apparently he’s actually so high up that he didn’t have any idea what was going on. But he heard my problem, and contacted Debbie, and told her she needed to have the ‘hiccup’ solved by the next morning.

7:30am came around, my alarm went off. I called Kate to see if I was working today, because I forgot my schedule. She told me I was off all day, and so I went back to bed. I checked my messages later, and Debbie had called to tell me that my payroll had been fixed and that they’d overnight me a check to my store to fix the problem.

Sometimes it seems like getting your problems fixed is harder than getting good car insurance. It actually made me feel good to know that the high-and-mighty’s of my world still have high-and-mighty’s in their world that make them “jump to it” when they need it. I don’t know if it would have only taken 24 hours to fix a month ago, or if it really took two months to make it a serious enough problem to where they could respond that fast.

I’m just glad they’re doing it.

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  • karen

    Praise God, He is so good. I’m happy this is finally taken care of you deserve the money you were promised. I as so glad God gave you the insight to know who to contact and them the compassion to get it taken care of. Bless you. I am so proud of you. MOM

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