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So, as many of you know, the whole reason for me moving here in the first place is to start a campus ministry with 3 other people from my church at college. This past week, we had our first meeting of our very first bible study. We’re taking a look at Lee Strobel’s book The Case for a Creator.

Monkey Business

The premise is that Lee Strobel was an atheist, and his wife became a Christian. He decided he needed hard facts about whether or not there was a God to believe in. He talked to leading cosmologists, did research and some reasoning, and came to a conclusion.

Tuesday, we had three students from Mary Washington, a college-age guy we know from church, and the four of us. The Lord would have it that the girl who came was one we talked to some last semester, and hadn’t heard from since then. Her and her boyfriend dropped in to my Blockbuster while I was working, and I told them about it and invited them to come.

We have a web site now too.

Last night we went to go see Walk the Line – the movie about the life and death of Johnny Cash, but it was sold out. I was actually kind of proud that the students knew who Johnny Cash was, much less that they’d sell out a dinky school auditorium.

It seems like everyone is getting married these days. I don’t know how so many college students are affording these diamond engagement rings.

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