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Back in more desperate times, I ventured over to Craig’s List, one of the internet’s largest online classified sites, and hit their Computer Gigs section.

I sent out replies to many of the offers, but the one that’s actually paid out so far was suprisingly not a scam. As it turns out, there are companies out there willing to pay big bucks to get their websites listed first in Google and other search engines. How do they accomplish this? They pay bloggers like me to write blogs and include links to specific search terms. That way, when Google’s spiders crawl the sites, they hit the links and the terms and raise that page’s search rankings.

As it turns out, Search Engine Marketing is a semi-profitable business for bloggers, either part-time or full-time. The hard part is finding a good program. My program works with just a simple e-mail. I send my guy a e-mail with the links to the pages where I put the links. He sends me a weekly PayPal payment, and usually twice as many links as before to complete. Head on over to Craig’s List and see what kind of gig interests you.

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